Posted: September 10, 2008 in Uncategorized


The children of today are almost worthless. They have no aspirations. They seek no future goals. They continuously rebel against their parents and other authority figures. They refuse to read any books or get any type of decent education. They whine and cry about normal household chores. They would prefer to live in total filth. Their primary pass time is waiting for someone to feed them and watching television and playing video games. The rest of the time they spend lying cheating and stealing and trying to manipulate every situation to suit themselves.

Today’s children have no concept of how much it takes for whoever their sponsor is(Today, it usually their grandparents, because their real parents are locked in jail for smoking crack or something) to make the necessary money that keeps them in their lavish lifestyle of not having to do anything. They have no idea how much money is spent on the food they eat. Or, any idea how much a mortgage payment is or how much electricity, water, and heat costs. Yet they whine and cry if their bath water is cold or electricity goes off. They have no concept of conservation. Many times I have walked around the house doing nothing but turning off lights in rooms that no ones occupying, or turning down the thermostat that someone has put on 90°. They walk around all day long , laughing and playing without a care in the world. If you try to give them a dose of reality trying to get them to realize those who take care of them would soon die. Thus sooner later they will have to learn how to fend for themselves. They have the attitude of its more important for them to focus on their having a good childhood. Sure having a good childhood is very important, but all things in moderation is also important. Play a little learn a little and eventually they can have everything they ever wanted.

They have no concept about the importance of education, no matter how many times you mention it. They cannot see the world as it is in its real state. They live in a fantasy that they’re going to be rock stars or football players or doctors or lawyers or whatever. They don’t realize they have put in the work to reach any of those goals. Anymore, you need a college degree for just about anything. You cannot be a rock star, unless you get some music theory under your belt. You cannot be a football player unless you get some sort of degree. The NFL does not hire anyone off the street, no matter how good they are. Any other professional trade it goes without saying you need to do the book work before you could even get started.

Anyone living in a poor family who cannot afford higher education who wishes to get to a better station in life, must work twice as hard as anyone else. To achieve good grades and a possible scholarship. You cannot reach any goal by just laying around listening to rap songs while others make millions. You are sinking further into poverty. You cannot create video games and unless you get an education first with a high degree in mathematics. You cannot just dream you’re going to be successful. You must do the work. The American society has no use for lazy people. You see advocates all of time talking about the plight of the homeless. But you must realize most of the homeless are there because they want to be. Or they spent their whole time dreaming, expecting someone to hand them the world on a silver platter.


I have tried and tried to explain it.  I guess the reality of life will be their best teacher when they realize after I’m dead and gone and the money stops coming in.  It won’t be long before the lights go out in the foreclosure is finalized.  Soon after that the sheriffs department shows up with a crew of men to throw the contents of the entire house out into the street then lock the doors behind them.  I guess, only then will they realize what I’ve been saying all along is true if they don’t focus on their future they will soon have no future except for life out on the street.


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