Posted: March 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

It seems strange after I spent 20 years living in the streets and being involved in every type of scam that I strung out junkie usually comes across.  You would think I would have graduated to a level of respect.  However once you leave the life and get a little older any respect, you might have gained is lost and the new generation starts to think of you as a mark.

Now after having left the life and changing my lifestyle I have been clean and sober for over 20 years. I now spend my time in retirement, learning to play guitar, drawing and painting and playing on the Internet.  Which is where I am now studying the new modern-day scams that have been invented for Internet users.

They come at people in many different ways.  They prey on the elderly with bullshit work at home schemes, fantasy lotteries, and many other fraudulent practices to lure in people who are not streetwise.  It’s funny how so many people with high degrees of education can fall for the stupidest of scams.  It’s one thing to be educated, but one really needs to have some street knowledge to protect themselves from some strung out junkie, who would be willing to do anything to get to their next hit.

They will use all the basic human vices, to lure a person into their scam.  The basic ones they use are human greed, sex, health, desire for companionship, thrill seeking.  Etc., the ones that I am studying of course involves men in my age bracket.  These type of scams usually involves a good-looking woman half my age.  Skilled at luring her mark in the bait.

Currently I’m studying the activities of a very beautiful scam artist who doesn’t realize you can’t scam the scam artist.  She goes on all kinds of different web sites looking for her marks, usually men over 50. Men who are not streetwise and are easily distracted by a beautiful woman. They’re so busy thinking they may get laid one more time before they die.  They don’t realize she’s part of a crew, whose sole purpose is to relieve him of any loose funds he may have available and in some cases, maybe even his life.

I will critique the mistakes I feel she’s making, but nonetheless the un-streetwise may not notice.  The first thing I noticed about her even though she is very beautiful, and ex-junkie will quickly recognize another junkie.  In all her pictures she poses in a manner that one won’t notice the tracks on her arm’s.  When she goes to a web site and finds her mark.  She cancels her account.  Far too soon, before she has completed the scam. If you meet someone on a web site and start to interact with them.  You’re probably going to return to that web site to leave them some sort of special message or something and she is already left that web site is going to raise suspicion right there.  At first he came on to me using the love interest ploy. When any man with any sense, especially one that doesn’t have any money will very likely suspect a scam, because no woman half his age is interested in sex with them, even a prostitute doesn’t want to do it.  But it’s just her job. 

I will give her credit for scrambling her IP address.  Whenever I tried running a skip trace her e-mails come from all over the United States and in Europe.  She won’t talk to me on the telephone, because she knows I will be able to locate her much easier that way.  I even tried running her name on certain net Detective sites, and the name she is using doesn’t even exist.  I have a friend in the FBI who is going to help me track her down using the government’s equipment.

 You might think why is this ex-junkie criminal all of a sudden turning vigilante against the very thing that he used to do.  It’s simple, I know what I was and I know the harm caused many people.  I paid my debt to  society and now I want to help curb crime level, which is stealing everything.  People have worked all their lives for.  I too think I had some moral fortitude, because I would only rob businesses with good insurance.  So everything I stole replacement in a week or so and I didn’t feel bad about the insurance companies because they have been stealing from the public for years.  Anyway, let this be the first post of an ongoing project


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