Posted: January 8, 2008 in Uncategorized
I was playing on the Internet the other day and watched a video about a woman who was complaining about an artist, who was auditioning women for his art subjects.  She was disturbed that he was only looking for women of a certain height and weight and large breast size.  I made a comment to her about how not all men think of women is just sex objects and enjoying women of all varieties.  Granted, natural selection or attraction, usually involves others would like qualities.  Generally beautiful women don’t associate with ugly man men unless he has a lot of money. Also usually men don’t necessarily choose obese women. My comment was about how I personally do not enjoy the accessories women are putting on today. By the time you get there all the fake breast, bleached hair, shaved pubic hair, tattoos and body piercings.  You only find out she wasn’t that beautiful in the first place.  I appreciate the female body in its natural state, with all the extra add-on garbage left off.

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